March 26, 2018

Microsoft Azure partners with analytics platform provider Databricks

The alliance aims to increase productivity and collaboration for customers at a global scale by leveraging AI and big data.

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Cloud giant Microsoft Azure has entered into a partnership with analytics platform provider Databricks. According to the terms of this alliance, Microsoft will leverage DataBricks’ analytics prowess by pulling value from AI and big data clusters in a bid to unlock collaboration and productivity of their customers.

According to MS Azure, businesses are looking to leverage the combined power or big data and AI with the help of business intelligence and analytics. With this alliance, MS Azure claim that their ‘Azure Databricks’ will combine cloud-based services with analytics to allow collaboration between data scientists, engineers and business analysts.

Databricks say that combining with MS Azure has given them the momentum they need to penetrate the cloud market. Speaking about the alliance, Ali Ghodsi, CEO and co-founder at Databricks, commented:

The ability to provide our Unified Analytics Platform to all Microsoft Azure users in such an integrated fashion is invaluable to end users looking to simplify big data and AI.

MS Azure say that with this combination, their customers will be able to have better collaborative environments to increase productivity. Explaining this, Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data at Microsoft Azure, commented:

We experienced a lot of interest and engagement in the preview from organizations in need of a high-performance analytics platform based on Spark.

With Azure Databricks, deeply integrated with services like Azure SQL Data Warehouse, our customers are now positioned to increase productivity and collaboration and globally scale analytics and data science projects on a trusted, secure cloud environment.