March 26, 2018

FileCloud partners with BESTIR to foray into India

The alliance seeks to meet end-to-end internal as well as external needs of customers looking for file-sharing solutions.

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Enterprise file sharing platform provider FileCloud has entered into an alliance with Indian software company BESTIR. According to the terms of this partnership, FileCloud will provide Indian customers with their secure and easy to control sharing platform with the local support and technical service of BESTIR.

According to FileCloud, customers are looking to access, edit and collaborate on files from any device. They also believe that most enterprises, big or small, will be using FTP as a service to store and share sensitive business files.

With their enterprise-grade platform, FileCloud say that they will be providing customers with a holistic solution when it comes to file-sharing. They further added that with this platform, FileCloud will support multi-cloud environments without compromising scale or efficiency.

This alliance will see BESTIR and FileCloud sharing responsibilities to enhance customer experience, say BESTIR. They also added that they are very excited to have a player like FileCloud collaborating with them for growth across the Indian market.

Speaking about the alliance, Anand Subramanian, founder of BESTIR, commented:

The partnership will open a new dimension of world-class services for organizations and enterprises in India. We are excited to bring a top-class technology enterprise file services platform to India.

With our deep experience in software development and services in India, we understand the unique needs of enterprises and government organizations. Our goal is to ensure that the leading Indian organizations can take advantage of the best that FileCloud has to offer.