August 16, 2018 expand global footprint to meet enterprise demands

The move is in response to the growing need for cloud, security and hosting services across North American markets.

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IT provider will be expanding their global footprint by entering the cloud market in Canada. This move, say, is made in order to keep pace with growing customer traction for the cloud, hosting and data security services in the country. believe that Canadian enterprises prefer storing their data on the cloud and this has spurred the need to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and to deliver products earlier than before. In order to bring this vision to fruition, will enable customers with a unique rapid cloning technology to deploy entire web applications in the cloud. claim that in a bid to support complex enterprise-scale production environments, they combine an automated cloud with its unique rapid cloning technology to deploy exact clones of the web applications, in a matter of seconds. This, they believe, will ease the digital transformation for most of the enterprises in Canada that are used to legacy environments.

Explaining this move, Frederic Plais, CEO of, commented:

We are now very well-positioned from a global market perspective, as the desire to provide personalized web services and applications is universal and not restricted to a specific region or sector.

Essentially, every enterprise looking to improve the customer experience, create new revenue opportunities or reduce their overhead from a hosting perspective can use to not only become more efficient, but more effective in their delivery – which leads to greater profitability.