November 15, 2018

NTT data center business to receive boost with SBU launch

The launch seeks to respond to the rising demand for data centers globally by providing cloud-based services to enterprises.

NTT data center

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company NTT have decided to launch a new SBU to accelerate the NTT data center business. With this launch, NTT aims to provide cloud-based services to enterprises of all sizes in the midst of rising demand for data centers in global markets.

According to NTT, enterprises are moving to the cloud to accelerate their workloads and secure business sensitive information. They claim that these enterprises understand the benefit of migrating from on-prem environments to the cloud and are ready to digitally transform their entire organization with a single-minded goal of profitability.

By launching NTT Global Data Centers Preparatory, NTT claim that they will cater to a wide range of enterprises by providing construction, asset management, cloud services and wholesale management services to their clients. They also believe that this approach will allow them to position themselves as a ‘data center investment’ company in order to differentiate themselves in the market from other service providers.

NTT say that the preparatory model will allow them to integrate the company’s expertise in data center-related real estate and finance businesses and create a new structure for customers to make quick business decisions. They say that to make this possible, NTT Global Data Centers Preparatory will lay the ground for binding together NTT’s worldwide interests in server farm development and resource administration.

After envisioning this SBU, NTT believe that they will be able to globally build accepted strategies for data center acceleration that are core to the needs of customers. They also say that this SBU will also enable NTT data center business to centralize its server farm prowess and set unified standards.

In closing, NTT say that they will speed up activities in the server farm business, particularly in the U.S., Europe and APAC including Japan, by adapting to the scale and speed of deployments required by clients. It will be interesting to see the turn of events with respect to NTT, following their data center expansion in Japan two months ago.