March 26, 2019

MySpace loses 12 years of music and images in server migration

The social networking site says that any photos, videos and audio files that were uploaded more than three years ago will not be available.

Social networking and music site MySpace have lost 12 years of music and images in a server migration exercise. As per the social networking site, any data in the form of photos, videos or audio files that was uploaed for more than three years on the site will no longer be available.

MySpace say that they were constantly facing issues with audio and video files that were dated over three years ago. They claim that in order to take care of this situation, they had to deep dive into the details of these files and pinpoint the problem areas.

In order to take care of this issue, MySpace decided to migrate the entire data to an updated site. They claim that while migrating this data to the updated site, the data files that were supposed to be transferred got corrupted and eventually lost, making them unable to recover these files.

With this data loss, MySpace say that a large part of their users’ photo and video library was affected and recovering these files will be an impossible task. They say that since this incident of ‘failing to recover unique data’ has sparked a debate among many experts across the social networking sector.

Industry watchers claim that MySpace has served as a launch-pad for many artists and musicians since the early 2000s and this data loss will affect their customer base tremendously. We can only hope that things get better for MySpace and that they take data migration as seriously as Delloite did, after acquiring ATADATA to boost their data prowess.