March 27, 2019

Cloudera unveils edge-data management solutions for IoT deployers

The solutions seek to ingest, analyze and act on data on the edge by streamlining the same from cloud environments.

Enterprise data cloud company Cloudera are all set to unveil edge-data management solutions for businesses leveraging the power of IoT. With this launch, Cloudera aims to streamline information from cloud environments by analyzing and utilizing data on the edge for IoT operations.

According to Cloudera, big data plays a key role when it comes to cloud and IoT applications. They say that by leveraging a large volume of data sets, enterprises can build products that can analyze a large amount of information quickly to take business decisions.

However, Cloudera believe that when it comes to drawing data from the edge, not all solutions can gather, control or provide operational visibility to enterprises leveraging cloud or IoT. They claim that this ineffectiveness hampers the performance of applications since it does not allow enterprises to make most of important insights.

Hence, by unveiling these new solutions, Cloudera believe that they will be bridge the gap between the edge and IoT. They claim that this launch will help enterprises to capture and process data directly from thousands of edge devices to provide operational control.

Vikram Makhija, GM of Data in Motion business unit at Cloudera states that the solutions will focus on delivering enterprise data for cloud and IoT customers and help them solve complex data management problems. He further added that by harnessing large volumes of complex information from the edge, enterprises will be able to gain actionable insights that drive innovation.

Market watchers opine that these solutions will help IoT and cloud-native customers to make the most out of edge centers. One can only wait and watch how Cloudera boosts enterprises using the edge with their solutions especially after Cloudera merged with Hortonworks for USD 5.2 billion.