July 11, 2017

Microsoft introduces comprehensive software bundle as cloud push intensifies

Increasing competition in the cloud market sees Microsoft revamp its business and enterprise software solutions suite.

Microsoft today announced the introduction of its all-in-one software platform labeled ‘Microsoft 365’, which bundles the company’s Office 365 cloud productivity suite, Windows 10 operating system and several miscellaneous mobility and security tools together into one multi-faceted offering.

Based on customer requirement, there will be two variants of Microsoft 365 made available for purchase via subscriptions – ‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise’ and ‘Microsoft 365 Business’.

Designed for large scale corporations, ‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise’ represents the company’s ultimate secure productive enterprise software suite and includes Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

On the other hand, ‘Microsoft 365 Business’ has been tailored to the IT needs of small and medium scale organizations (up to 300 users) by integrating Office 365 Business Premium with security and management features from Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

Microsoft 365 was officially announced at the company’s Inspire conference held in Washington on Monday. Executive VP for Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft, Judson Althoff, reckons the company’s future is heading in only one direction:

Microsoft’s digital transformation is a wave of business innovation fueled by cloud technologies like the Internet of Things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and data.

‘Microsoft 365 Enterprise’ is scheduled for commercial rollout on August 1st, 2017, with pricing to be determined based on choice of plan and other country specific factors. ‘Microsoft 365 Business’ will be available for public preview on August 2nd, 2017, with a full release expected by the beginning of Q4.