March 16, 2017

Micron21 achieves Tier IV Fault Tolerant Design Certification

It is the first data center company in Australia to receive the certification provided by Uptime Institute

Hosting services provider Micron21, today announced that it has been awarded the Uptime Institute Tier IV Tolerant Design Certification for its data center. The certification is based on a set of criteria covering mechanical, electrical, structural and site elements.

Micron21 claims that it is the first data center in Australia to be awarded Tier IV Fault Tolerant Design Certification.

James Braunegg, Founder, Micron21 said:

We are thrilled to be included amongst the few data centers in the world to receive the Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification.

This is a positive first step forward in data center design for Australia, with rigorous data security standards to help us define a benchmark for excellence.

The Micron21 data center is located in an eastern suburb of Melbourne. The company claims that the design of the data center caters to fully-managed high-density cloud services & support, and provides solutions for clients requiring mission-critical and fault-tolerant data center services.

Micro21 claims that the data center includes an on-site Systems and Security & Network Operation Center (SOC & NOC) and provides fully integrated monitoring and support services for customers. It also provides customers with direct access to highly talented systems, security and network engineers, creating a complete end-to-end solution for customers.

John Duffin, Managing Director, South Asia, Uptime Institute said:

We are pleased to award Micron21 with the Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification.

Achieving a Tier IV Fault Tolerant Design Certification illustrates that the facility meets the highest standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents.

This ensures that plans are configured to meet uptime goals and provide the critical business infrastructure needed, and is an important first step toward Tier Certification of a Constructed Facility.

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