August 1, 2016

Websytz and TheSHosting acquired by Blue Bell Web Hosting

Blue Bell, the web host and ISP acquires two hosting providers

Earlier today, Blue Bell Web Hosting announced that it has acquired two web hosting providers, Websytz and TheSHosting. The acquisition adds new features and services along with an increased number of accounts under the management of Blue Bell Web Hosting.

The acquisition has caused all of Websytz and TheSHosting client web hosting accounts to migrate over to the Blue Bell’s network infrastructure. Pricing for all of Websytz’s and TheSHosting’s current customers is said to remain the same as they are currently getting.

Vincent Morgan, CEO of Blue Bell Web Hosting said :

It is exciting to see how much Blue Bell Web Hosting is growing. Once our systems are fully merged and integrated with and, not only will they continue to get the same great features that they have been getting from Websytz and TheSHosting, they will also have additional features that Blue Bell Web Hosting brings to the table. This will deliver an even better experience not only to our new Websytz and TheSHosting clients, but to all of our Blue Bell Web Hosting clients as a whole.


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