March 16, 2017

SecureWorks upgrades its Cloud Guardian portfolio

The company is introducing a new service that automates the application of security policies for organizations

SecureWorks, the information security solutions provider announced that it is strengthening its Cloud Guardian portfolio with a new service that automates the application of strong cloud security policies for organizations.

SecureWorks says that the Security Configuration Management solution enables clients to add another layer of cyber protection for their workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by programmatically implementing best practices for security.

Christina Richmond, Program Director at industry research firm IDC said:

More and more organizations are moving mission critical workloads to the public cloud with IT and security environments becoming ever more complex.

Automated security configuration management in the cloud removes the human element and helps eliminate configuration drift to strengthen security without disrupting IT or end user productivity and flexibility.

The company says that the service leverages the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks for AWS, as well as a series of policies based on SecureWorks’ AWS usage and incident response experience. The company claims that users can repair their cloud configurations with a single click, simplifying security, which enables organizations to focus on developing new applications and tools for their customers.

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