December 4, 2018

Macquarie Government, Mesosphere partner for gov cloud technologies

The alliance seeks to leverage Mesosphere’s Big-data-as-a-Service in order to reduce costs for government agencies deploying the cloud.

gov cloud

Macquarie Telecom’s SBU Macquarie Government, have entered into a strategic partnership with Mesosphere to provide gov cloud technologies to the Australian Government. As per the terms of the deal, the framework seeks to help government agencies drive and leverage big data investments to reduce spending on the public cloud.

According to Macquarie, the Australian government agencies were embracing the cloud as a means to increase overall productivity and reduce spending. They say that in spite of taking this approach, government agencies were sceptical about the implementation of cloud in a hybrid environment.

By partnering with Mesosphere, Macquarie claim that they will enable govt. customers to not only modernize their IT environments with increased security and scalability but will also help them accelerate the time taken to reach business goals.

Aidan Tudehope, Managing Director at Macquarie Government, says that by working with the Australian government agencies over the years, the company realised that customers need hybrid models without locking them with a single cloud vendor. In order to bridge this gap, he said that the team at Macquarie worked towards a partnership with Mesosphere, a trusted name in the cloud and big data market, to steer their shared vision of simplifying gov cloud for agencies.

William Freiberg, Chief Operating Officer at Mesosphere, commented that Macquarie’s approach of avoiding vendor-lockins will allow agencies to assist federal and state governments to accelerate the time-to-market cloud applications which deploy machine learning and IoT applications at scale. He says that that the Mesosphere team is looking forward to joining Macquarie’s team to boost their gov cloud services in the Australian market.

As per the partnership seal, Macquarie will also provide a test facility to Mesosphere wherein the latter will conduct proof-of-concept projects at the former’s data centers. It will be interesting to see the turn of events for both enterprises, following the revision of Australia’s cloud policy by their government in February.