February 6, 2018

Australian government revises cloud policy

The upgrade seeks to make the most out of cloud services by minimizing costs and avoiding major changes in the cloud strategy.

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The Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has issued a new set of guidelines by revising its cloud policy in order to redefine the usage of digital infrastructure by government agencies. With this revision, the government of Australia aims to capitalize cloud’s benefits at the lowest cost possible without disturbing successful cloud architectures.

According to DTA, last year’s mandate for digital infrastructure involved things like upgrading ICT (Information Communication & Technology), government media and service performance tracking. They further added that these mandates which were reflected in their previous policies will now undergo a slight moderation without affecting the backbone of their cloud strategy.

DTA say that with the new policy framework, government agents will be able to secure their cloud data without risking the individual’s right to privacy. In addition to this, they also said that the ‘responsibilities model’ which governs the issues and problems faced will simplify collaboration for contract holders as well as government agencies.

In closing, DTA added that they will leverage the cloud services in order to put the priorities of people ahead of anything else, without compromising on technology.