December 4, 2018

Red Hat acquires Noobaa for data storage services and hybrid cloud

The acquisition seeks to strengthen Red Hat’s hybrid cloud portfolio by adding Noobaa’s data storage services across the public and private cloud.

data storage services

Open source provider Red Hat have acquired software firm Noobaa to fortify their hybrid cloud and data storage services. As per the terms of the acquisition, Noobaa will be providing data distribution, durability and scalability prowess to Red Hat’s global cloud infrastructure, enabling enterprises with seamless information portability.

According to Nooba, enterprise data and its portability are of key importance for organizations that build and deploy cloud applications. They say that as organizations migrate to the cloud environments in a quest for digital transformation, easy transmission of information from one environment to another could be a challenge.

By acquiring Noobaa, Red Hat claim that they will be sealing the data storage services gap that exists in their hybrid cloud portfolio. They claim that this deal will allow Red Hat to consolidate their position in the IaaS-cloud market.

Since their data storage services complemented the offerings provided by Red Hat, Noobaa claim that the acquisition deal progressed with ease. They say that as cloud services and data storage walk hand-in-hand, enterprises that need to lend support to their cloud applications will benefit the most from this acquisition.

Ranga Rangachari, Vice President and General Manager, Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure at Red Hat says that data migration is vital to bring the best out of cloud applications. He believes that since Noobaa’s data storage services are state-of-the-art, enterprises will be able to scale their applications in the cloud easily.

Speaking about the benefit provided by their data storage services, Noobaa say that their services provide a layer of abstraction that not only facilitates data portability from one cloud to another but also allows users to manage stored data in multiple locations as a single and coherent data set that can interact with applications.

Market analysts claim that this acquisition will address the classic challenge enterprises face when it comes to making data accessible to all remote as well as local applications. It will be interesting to see how this move helps Red Hat reach their aspirations in the cloud market, following Red Hat’s acquisition of IBM for USD 34 billion in October.