April 9, 2019

Juniper launch cloud-based SD-WAN service to boost its network services

The service seeks to enable customers with AI for network management by extending their SDN transformation beyond cloud and data centers.

After acquiring AI-wireless firm Mist for USD 405 million, Juniper have launched a cloud-based SD-WAN (Software Defined-Wireless Area Network) service to boost their IT network service. With this launch, Juniper will help customers extend their SDN transformation beyond cloud and data centers to AI, in a bid to manage their IT networks.

According to Juniper, enterprises facing network issues leverage AI to bring stability into their systems. They say that network level instabilities lie in operational level discrepancies that take time to recuperate.

By launching a cloud-based SD-WAN service, Juniper believe that enterprises will be able to overcome IT network hurdles. They say by integrating AI into their service, enterprise network systems will be able to benefit from their analytics capabilities to inspect client behaviour.

Juniper say that the Mist acquisition has played a huge role in ideating and launching this new service. They further added that with this service, they have taken an important step when it comes to going beyond regular SD-WAN offerings.

Manoj Leelanivas, Chief Product Officer at Juniper states that the launch paves the way for customers, to make the most of their service with the integration of AI into their offering. He also claims that with this launch, they will be making the combination of AI and SD-WAN a reality for their existing as well as new customers.

Market experts believe that the new solution will bridge the gap that exists between AI and SD-WAN users, with an onus on Juniper to cater to changing customer demands. We cannot wait to witness how this solution boosts Juniper’s position in the market, following their partnership with Nutanix for hybrid infrastructure.