April 9, 2019

Sysdig seals cloud-visibility gap by unveiling a security-based platform for businesses

The solution aims to provide visibility into the operational status of the software and infrastructure at a massive scale.

Cloud intelligence company Sysdig have launched a cloud-visibility platform that will allow enterprises to understand the status of their applications in the cloud. With this launch, Sysdig seeks to close the visibility gap that exists between container deploying enterprises and their cloud environments.

According to Sysdig, enterprises deploying traditional applications face many obstacles while migrating data to cloud environments. They say that one of the major hurdles during data migration to the cloud is the lack of transparency while configuring modern infrastructure.

Sysdig believe that gaining visibility into cloud environments allows enterprises to track the status of their cloud operations, which in turn helps them optimize costs. They further added that this transparency enables enterprises to monitor, secure and troubleshoot complex cloud apps with a fresh approach.

Hence, in order to foster this visibility Sysdig have launched a new cloud-visibility platform for enterprises to collect granular data in real-time from cloud environments. They also claim that with this new solution, enterprises will be able to gain meaningful insights and take decisions that will positively impact tbusiness.

Industry watchers believe that this launch will most likely lead to an increased rate of cloud adoption. One can only wait and watch how this solution by Sysdig will allow enterprises to gain visibility into their cloud environments, following their alliance with Google Cloud to secure container-run time capabilities.