March 5, 2019

Juniper to acquire AI-wireless firm Mist Systems for USD 405 million

The acquisition aims to provide enterprises with simplified wireless troubleshooting as well as unprecedented insights into client and network behaviour.

Juniper Networks have announced the acquisition of AI-based firm Mist Systems in a USD 405 million deal. With this acquisition, Juniper seeks to facilitate businesses with unforeseen insights into client network behaviour along with troubleshooting capabilities.

According to Juniper, enterprises leveraging AI have always faced issues with respect to network stability. They claim that the roots of this instability lies in operation level discrepancies that take a long time to recuperate.

With network instability, Juniper say that enterprises utilizing WiFi suffer when it comes to connectivity and ruin customer experience. They believe that to address this issue for enterprises leveraging AI, it becomes essential to inspect client network behaviour.

By acquiring Mist System, Juniper say that they will bring SD-WAN expertise to their client’s AI-based networks. They claim that this acquisition will help them extend their product portfolio and expand globally with this offering.

In closing, Juniper said that the deal is set to close at the beginning of the second quarter. We cannot wait to see how this acquisition boosts Juniper’s AI vision for their global clients, following their partnership with Nutanix for hyper-converged infrastructure.