April 9, 2019

Accenture to acquire Cirruseo to expand their Google Cloud footprint in France

The acquisition aims to fortify Accenture’s presence across the European market by helping customers analyze large data volumes.

Consulting giant Accenture are all set to acquire French IT facilitator Cirruseo to expand their Google Cloud footprint in France. With this acquisition, Accenture will be leveraging Google Cloud partner Cirruseo’s expertise, in a bid to analyze growing volumes of data and build hyper-personalized customer experiences securely.

Accenture say that the cloud market in Europe has matured ever since big players like Google have expanded across the market. They say that one of the major reasons for their growth in foreign markets is data centers and their cloud partner programs, which entice many entities in the market.

The consulting firm claims that Cirruseo is one such Google Cloud partner that helps distribute Google’s products across various segments. They say that their presence across Europe and France in specific is huge, which makes them one of the most important partners in the region.

By acquiring this partner, Accenture believe that they will be able to compete with their rivals in the European market by gaining a larger share. They further added that this acquisition will help their customers leverage data analytics, machine learning, cloud and AI to deliver intelligent applied solutions.

Bhaskar Ghosh, Group Chief Executive of Accenture Technology Services claims that at a global level, this acquisition will demonstrate Accenture’s ability and commitment to invest in new technologies to accelerate global innovation. He also believes that with this move, they can scale across markets at ease and think about expanding further.

Neither of the two companies revealed the financials of the deal. It will be interesting to see how Accenture makes the most of this move, following their acquisition of DAZ Systems to strengthen Oracle Cloud ERP.