April 1, 2019

Israel-based Perimeter 81 raises USD 5 million to protect cloud-native enterprises

The funding seeks to develop new cloud firewall capabilities and accelerate growth for enterprises by focusing on endpoint networks.

Israel-based cybersecurity startup Perimeter 81 have raised USD 5 million in a Series A round of funding to protect cloud-native enterprises at a network level. With this move, Perimeter 81 aims to spend their investment in developing firewall capabilities to secure the endpoint networks within the enterprise’s IT architecture.

Perimeter 81 believe that protecting sensitive data stored at the endpoints of cloud networks is essential because of the increasing number of cyber attacks. They say that these networks are susceptible to attacks since different viruses find loopholes within cloud networks.

In order to seal these loopholes, Perimeter 81 say that they have raised a Series A round of funding to build a firewall that can protect the cloud network from a myriad number of attacks. They say that with this investment, they will allow cloud-native enterprises to grow and help them realise their IT vision for global acceleration.

Amit Bareket, CEO and co-Founder at Perimeter 81 claims that the rise of cloud and mobility has disrupted networks and application security at many levels. He states that with this investment, they will be utilizing their Zero-Trust and Software-Defined models to enable businesses to secure access to secure local networks.

Market experts claim that enterprises in Israel will benefit from Perimeter 81’s endpoint firewall products that promise to seal network loopholes. It will be interesting to see how Perimeter 81 promote this product in a bid to stand out in the Israeli cybersecurity market which is filled with cybersecurity startups like Alcide, who have recently raised USD 7 million to protect enterprises.