April 1, 2019

Novatech snaps up managed IT services provider DynaSis

The acquisition seeks to leverage DynaSis’ cloud, security and analytics prowess to expand into new markets globally.

IT firm Novtech have acquired managed services facilitator DynaSis in a bid to expand into newer markets. With this deal, Novatech aims to leverage DynaSis’ managed cloud, cybersecurity and analytics capabilities to extend their product portfolio and offerings.

Novatech say that enterprises in global markets need a wide range of solutions that help them strengthen their IT prowess. They claim that these solutions range from cloud security to AI and IoT to analytics that boost an enterprise’s IT architecture.

By acquiring DynaSis, Novatech say that they will be expanding their IT product portfolio which can help them cater to the needs of a global audience. They say that by providing a cradle-to-grave approach to enterprises, they will be able to position themselves as a one-stop-shop for everything that’s related to IT infrastructure and applications.

Darren Metz, CEO at Novatech explained that with the rapidly changing IT landscape, businesses are seeking a single provider that supports the entire IT environment. He further added that with this acquisition, DynaSis will augment NovaTech’s strategic value by focusing on the challenges faced by their business.

Market analysts claim that the acquisition will open up newer avenues for Novatech and help them break their ‘cybersecurity’image. We hope that Novatech is successful in doing so and expanding across the global market, just as Cybera did after partnering with Virocom to extend across EMEA markets.