March 1, 2019

Microsoft unveils cloud-native security management tool Azure Sentinel

The tool aims to leverage its AI technology to help customers find and stop threats and manage their cyber defence techniques.

Tech giant Microsoft have launched a cloud-native security management tool Azure Sentinel, to help users block cyber threats. With this launch, Microsoft will be leveraging the tool’s AI capabilities to counter cyber assaults and provide tactics to enterprises by collating their security logs and threat data in one place.

Microsoft say that enterprises are facing more threats online and cloud providers need to be more secure with their offerings instead of providing traditional solutions. They claim that along with monitoring capabilities, enterprises also need to integrate detection and eradication prowess into their cybersecurity solutions.

According to the tech giant, a traditional approach to cybersecurity can be removed if the solution’s architecture depends on cloud-backed AI technology. Hence, in order to detect risks in advance and to reduce the number of threat alerts a security team has to address, Microsoft have launched Azure Sentinel.

Microsoft believe that Azure Sentinel will allow information security teams to defend their cloud environments right from the endpoints to the networks, without any loopholes. They say that this launch will enable enterprises to continue their ‘digital transformation journey’ into the new age of IT.

Industry watchers claim that this launch will help Microsoft expand its cloud security services in the enterprise market. With this product launch, one can say that Microsoft is stepping up their game when it comes to cloud security, following their partnership with Albertsons.