January 10, 2019

Imperva partners with Lifeboat to expand cloud security footprint

With this alliance, Imperva seeks to leverage Lifeboat’s global network in a bid to extend their reach across various markets.

IT security facilitator Imperva have partnered with Lifeboat to leverage the latter’s global distribution network. As per the terms of the deal, Lifeboat will be distributing Imperva’s Application Security, WAF Gateways, Attack Analytics and Threat Intelligence products to enterprises big and small.

According to Imperva, enterprise security is the order of the day with the growing number of cyber attacks. They say that in addition to monitoring, threat identification, mitigation and eradication have become equally important to combat virus attacks.

By partnering with Lifeboat, Imperva say that they will be able to provide security solutions to enterprises of all types having different security architectures. They say that their products are modeled in such a way that they can be integrated without any major changes in the enterprise’s IT framework.

Imperva claim that Lifeboat’s wide global network will help them penetrate pockets where they would not have reached otherwise. They believe that with a novel combination of reach and product diversity, Lifeboat can help Imperva become the go-to-provider for enterprise security.

It will be interesting to see how Imperva and Lifeboat make the most of this, following Imperva’s USD 2.1 billion acquisition in October.