January 10, 2019

Engineer.ai partners with Digital Ocean to build bespoke cloud applications

The alliance seeks to provide developers and SMBs with a platform that will help them build state-of-the-art products.


Engineer.ai have joined hands with Digital Ocean to allow web developers and SMBs to build cloud applications. With this partnership, Engineer.ai will be leveraging their AI prowess to break projects into small building blocks on their Builder platform along with Digital Ocean’s Developer Cloud to create made-to-order software products.

According to Engineer.ai, web developers need a solid platform that can help them leverage AI prowess to orchestrate and scale sophisticated applications. They believe that since time taken to market applications is at stake, providing small enterprises and developers with a platform that requires very little or no technical skills is of essence.

By partnering with Digital Ocean, Engineer.ai claim that enterprises and developers will be able to make the most of the former’s Developer Cloud prowess to create applications of their choice. They say that by making the most of Engineer.ai’s Builder platform, enterprises and developers will be able to break down the building, orchestrating and testing phases of applications into phases to bring innovation.

Digital Ocean say that they are glad to partner with Engineer.ai and make the most of the former’s app setup to bring their vision for cloud products into fruition. They say that with this approach, enterprises will be able to reduce costs and scale easily.

Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder & CEO at Engineer.ai, claims that enterprises can get their applications in the market quickly because anyone who has no tech knowledge can build products on their platform.

It will be interesting to see how Digital Ocean make the most of this alliance with Engineer.ai, following the launch of managed Kubnernetes services for enterprises.