August 12, 2016

ICANN incorporates new body to take over IANA functions

PTI has been formed to meet one of the key recommendations in the ICG proposal i.e. the formation of a new entity to conduct IANA’s functions

ICANN today announced that it has incorporated a new “Post-Transition IANA” organization, named Public Technical Identifiers (PTI). The company, which is incorporated in California, has been formed as a non-profit public benefit corporation and is a controlled affiliate of ICANN.

ICANN has stated that the PTI Incorporation Documents were drafted to reflect the recommendations of the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) proposal and that the body was formed to perform the naming-related IANA functions under contract with ICANN.

Although PTI now exists as a legal entity, it is not yet performing any work. PTI will only start performing IANA functions once the transition is successfully completed.

ICANN said that in the coming weeks, it will be posting the final versions of the PTI Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Board Code of Conduct, and Expected Standards of Behavior. Each of these documents has already been subject to public comment, and will be submitted to ICANN and the PTI Board for approval before the transition.

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