January 8, 2019

Amazon to acquire Israeli cloud firm CloudEndure for USD 250 million

The acquisition seeks to fortify Amazon’s presence in the MENA market as well as their data recovery and business continuity prowess.

Cloud giant AWS are all set to acquire Israeli cloud firm CloudEndure for USD 250 million. With this acquisition, CloudEndure will gain access to AWS’ products, whereas AWS will fortify their presence in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market.

According to AWS, enterprises in the Middle East understand the implications of having sophisticated IT products to catapult daily business needs. They believe that technically superior markets like Israel have already imbibed some of the best practices when it comes to boosting their business with cloud integration.

By acquiring Israel-based CloudEndure, AWS believe that they will fortify their presence in a matured market, especially after acquiring Annapurna Labs in 2015. They say that this move will also help them strengthen their business continuity and disaster recovery prowess and allow enterprises to leverage these capabilities.

CloudEndure say that they are excited with this acquisition deal and are looking forward to working with AWS’ team. They say that CloudEndure’s products will also help AWS’ enterprise customers to smoothly transfer data from the servers to the could.

The cloud giant said that they are still in the process of finalizing a research and development center in Haifa and Tel Aviv, Israel. It will be interesting to see how AWS turns the tide in the cloud race, following McAfee’s partnership with Z Services for cloud security.