September 18, 2018

Hybrid cloud provider NetApp acquires StackPointCloud

The acquisition seeks to simplify the delivery of data and applications in the cloud by leveraging StackPointCloud’s Kubernetes service.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud provider NetApp has acquired Kubernetes-as-a-Service provider StackPointCloud in a bid to simplify the delivery of data and applications hosted on the cloud. As per the terms of the acquisition deal, NetApp will be enabling multi-cloud application orchestration with persistent storage for work-related applications that use file-based protocols.

According to NetApp, enterprises deploy hybrid cloud environments to host their business-critical workloads. They claim that these enterprises also use Kubernetes services to manage clusters and work applications across the cloud.

By acquiring StackPointCloud, NetApp say that they will be able to gain access to an advanced Kubernetes-as-a-service platform that will directly support the application orchestration capabilities of the latter’s endpoint architecture. They claim that this access will allow persistent storage of applications that use file-based protocols.

Speaking about the acquisition, Anthony Lye, Senior Vice President & General Manager of NetApp’s Cloud Data Services business unit, commented:

This acquisition will benefit customers looking to simplify the delivery of data and applications in clouds, across clouds and hybrid clouds.

The StackPointCloud Kubernetes-as-a-service platform combined with NetApp’s Cloud Data Services creates a complete DevOps solution, so customers can focus on innovation, not administration.

NetApp believe that their combined solution with StackPointCloud called NetApp Kubernetes Service will allow enterprise IT customers to meet the challenges of scale and complexity that come with data gravity. They say that the combined solution will also dramatically increase NetApp’s presence with the Kubernetes and Istio open source DevOps communities.

With this acquisition, NetApp also adds an experienced and cutting-edge service team that will provide access to a complete cloud-based stack for Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. Industry analysts claim that the hybrid cloud market is all set to boom with StackPointCloud’s acquisition as well as Lenovo’s alliance with Cloudstics to manage workloads on their SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform.

The financial terms of the deal were left undisclosed by both companies.