September 18, 2018

Cyber security company Positive partners with EPAM systems

The alliance aims to address evolving needs for consulting capabilities in the fast-growing area of cyber-security.

Cyber security company

Cyber security company Positive have joined hands with software development firm EPAM systems in a bid to address consulting requirements for cyber risks faced by enterprises. As per the terms of the deal, both companies will be focusing on research in the areas of cloud, infrastructure and application security.

According to Positive, as the data breaches continue to grow, the associated costs with respect to protection continue to increase. They claim that since mission-critical workloads are hosted on the cloud, cybersecurity has become a vital plan of their IT architecture.

By partnering with EPAM systems, Positive claim that they will be concentrating on consultation capabilities with respect to cyber risks by conducting research on cloud environments, applications and infrastructures. The cyber security company also say that this research will complement EPAM’s capabilities across a wide range of information and security domains.

Speaking about the alliance, Yuriy Goliyad, Head of Global Operations at EPAM, commented:

We see our clients facing increased challenges in ensuring security and compliance across their enterprise landscapes. These challenges become especially pressing as the areas of Infrastructure, Cloud and Application Development converge into blended models of developing and delivering products and services.

By focusing our efforts in this urgent and diverse area, and opening up the research to partners, clients and leading experts in the field, we are creating a much more expansive and deep capability in cybersecurity.

Positive believe that enterprises are taking cybersecurity seriously since hackers are uncovering vulnerabilities via all digital operations. They also claim that this partnership will prove to be beneficial for both parties since it will help enterprises to develop better solutions for the cloud.

Andrew Bershadsky, CTO and Co-Founder at Positive, commented:

Cybercriminals can uncover vulnerabilities in all digital operations, from individual activities to conglomerates and critical infrastructure providers, and that’s why cybersecurity is so important. We are pleased to partner with EPAM in this effort to help advance its cybersecurity capabilities and develop industry-leading solutions that will enable companies to optimize security.

It goes without saying that cyber security is the order of the day. Which is why even large organizations like AT&T are partnering with security firms like AlienVault to secure environments for their clients.