September 22, 2016

HostPapa becomes founding partner for .BLOG

The company joins hands with Automattic, the parent company of to launch the extension

Canadian based web hosting company, HostPapa has officially announced its partnership with Automattic, the parent company of, to launch the new .BLOG extension. Last month, Automattic had announced the general availability of .BLOG domains.

As a founding partner, HostPapa has migrated their official blog to the .BLOG domain. HostPapa’s blog, which is powered by Automattic’s popular WordPress platform, showcases small business resources and content which seeks to help their clients make the most out of their online strategies.

Jamie Opalchuk, HostPapa’s CEO said :

The .BLOG gTLD shows great promise and will likely be the preferred domain extension online for blogs of all kinds.

The fact that it’s being driven by a strong, progressive company like Automattic means that it won’t take long for a good portion of the online community to jump on board.

According to Automattic, since blogging is a universal activity performed by individuals and large corporations, the interest in .BLOG has been high. Automattic has been working towards offering .BLOG domain names almost since the company’s inception in 2005.

Paolo Belcastro, .BLOG lead at Automattic said :

We’re very excited to be launching .BLOG with a quality web hosting provider like HostPapa.

Their blog is a very promising destination for tech tips and creative small business resources; it’s a perfect use of the new .BLOG domain.

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