October 21, 2016

Google’s cloud platform gets a cold data storage service

The company claims that this launch is aimed at filling gaps that were left by their recently launched service called Nearline

Earlier this month, at an event in London, Google announced the launch of Coldline, Google’s new cold data storage service for archival data.

Google currently offers service for data archiving and disaster recovery with a service called Nearline. When Nearline was launched, it was reported to be similar to Amazon Glacier where customers would get a cheap storage service with increased latency. When Nearline came out of beta, it became much faster.

Google says that Coldline fills the gap that Nearline service left after it came out of beta. The company claims that Coldline storage will cost $0.007 per gigabyte per month (and $0.05 per gigabyte retrieved) whereas Nearline costs $0.01 per month.

Coldline is now also included in Google’s Switch and Save program, which offers enterprises that move their data to the Google Cloud up to 100 petabyte of free storage for a couple of months.

A Google spokesperson said :

Building off the positive response from Nearline’s low-latency, this was an important design aspect for Coldline.

Google says that through this update, it is re-branding its current standard storage service for fast and highly available data access.