April 11, 2017

Amazon buys Swedish domain name Amazon.se

The news comes soon after Amazon’s recent announcement to open new data centers in Sweden in 2018

After the recent announcement by Amazon to open new data centers in Sweden, Breakit reports that Amazon has bought the domain “Amazon.se”.

The sale of the Swedish domain name has been estimated to be worth up to SEK 5 million (USD 554,500).

Industry experts point out that unlike other European nations like Germany, France and Spain, there is currently no Swedish version of Amazon, so the purchase of the domain name could be a sign of plans for the future.

It has also been reported that many of the preparations for a launch of Amazon in Sweden have been in place since 2014, but the inability to use the “Amazon.se” domain was a stumbling block.

The domain name was finally acquired from a Swedish advertising agency established in the 1990s, called Amazon AB, whose president and sole employee is a 59-year-old graphic designer in Stockholm.