August 31, 2018

Mobile company Xiaomi India to migrate data to local cloud infrastructure

The move aims to provide access speed to Indian customers across their e-commerce platforms like Mi Community, Mi Cloud and MIUI.

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Mobile company Xiaomi India are all set to migrate their data to cloud service providers like AWS and Azure in a bid to provide access speed to their Indian customers. With this move, the mobile company will be boosting network access for Xiaomi’s e-commerce platforms like Mi Community, Mi Cloud, MIUI (videos, advertising, push notifications) and Mi TV.

According to Xiaomi, Indian data was stored in AWS servers across Singapore and the United States. They say that since the data was stored at far off locations, Xiaomi’s customers couldn’t experience the fast speed of access as promised by the mobile company.

By migrating their data to Indian centers, Xiaomi believe that they will be reducing latency for customers located in the sub-continent. They also claim that customers will be able to use their e-commerce platforms without having to worry about its performance.

Speaking about the move, Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India, commented:

At Xiaomi, data privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. We are taking one more step towards user data security and privacy by bringing our cloud services to India for all local data needs.

It’s something our teams have been working tirelessly on and I am glad we have been able to turn this around for our India users. With the data stored locally and encrypted end to end, users will be able to enjoy greater access speeds.

Xiaomi India say that all new Indian user data since July 1 is currently being stored in local servers whereas the existing user data on will be fully migrated to servers in India by mid-September 2018.

Jain further added that:

Xiaomi is committed to India and data protection and using cloud servers in India is another step in that direction for us. We will continue to work on this aspect and ensure a heightened user experience for all our users in India.

It looks like the handset provider is leaving no stone unturned to provide efficient services to customers in the Indian market. We have observed that India has been an option to deploy data centers even for companies like Tencent that have recently decided to expand their infrastructure in the subcontinent.