January 29, 2019

Google’s parent company Alphabet partners with EU government agencies for DDoS protection

The partnership seeks to secure political and government organizations in Europe with Alphabet’s anti-DDoS tool Project Shield.

Google’s parent company Alphabet have partnered with European political and government agencies to protect their IT environments from DDoS attacks. As per the terms of the deal, Alphabet will be providing their Project Shield tool to organizations in a bid to secure them from fake traffic sources.

According to Alphabet, as the date for European Parliamentary elections commences, the websites of political and government organizations will be more active than ever. They say that these websites will attract traffic in a large number as these parties run online campaigns.

With an increasing number of online activities and traffic, Alphabet claim that there are chances of websites encountering DDoS attacks, which employ fake traffic in large amounts. They say that these attacks affect genuine traffic, that goes to the website and maligns the information on the website.

By partnering with Alphabet, agencies and political parties in EU say that they will protect their websites from DDoS attacks planned by opponents or hackers. They also believe that Project Shield  will protect critical data on the website that decides the future of the entire nation.

Alphabet claim that this tool was used by U.S. political parties in May last year as well as by the statistical office of the Czech Republic. They say that both entities were satisfied by the result since the tool could detect anomalies and protect them from attacks.

Industry experts claim that Alphabet’s tool can be scaled across the globe since it follows the IT regulations of most governments. It will be interesting to see how EU political parties make the most of Alphabet’s security tool Project Shield, following the launch of DNS protection app ‘Intra’.