January 10, 2019

CMAI signs strategic partnership with BroadGroup to launch National Data Center Council

The partnership seeks to establish an authoritative body to represent the interests of the growing cloud industry in India.

Data Center

Communication Media and Infrastructure Association of India (CMAI) and BroadGroup have forged a strategic alliance to launch the National Data Center & Cloud Empowerment Development Council. With this alliance, both organizations aim to build a representative body that can voice the demands of the emerging cloud industry in India.

According to CMAI, the IT industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds due to quick acceptance, adoption and application of the cloud and its concepts. They believe that the initiatives taken by the Indian government to digitize the nation have played a huge role in boosting the cloud industry.

By launching the National Data Center & Cloud Empowerment Development Council, CMAI claim that the entire IT ecosystem which also comprises small and large enterprises, will be able to benefit if their views and concerns are put forth in front of the government. They say that doing this will foster optimized industry policies, growth with international players and reduced cost of infrastructure.

BroadGroup say that the alliance will also benefit enterprises that are focusing only on infrastructure i.e. co-location, Edge and IoT supporting towers etc. They say that this approach will benefit enterprises of both types i.e. providers as well as creators that are looking to make the most of the cloud.

It will be interesting to see how both organizations take the establishment of the National Data Center & Cloud Empowerment Development Council forward, after the launching of SOC centres by EnY and IBM in India.