February 15, 2018

Donuts acquires domain registry services for .TRAVEL gTLD

The move aims to grow Donuts’ entire category of domains by adding the sponsored gTLD to its portfolio.

New gTLD giant Donuts has acquired the domain registry services for .TRAVEL gTLD. With this acquisition, Donuts will broaden their domain portfolio, leveraging the prominence of .TRAVEL gTLD.

Donuts say that with the acquisition of the legacy .TRAVEL TLD, they have transformed their status from a new gTLD company to a legacy holder. They further added that this acquisition will diversify their portfolio offerings and attract customers from the travel business segment. Explaining this, Bruce Jaffe, President and Chief Executive Officer at Donuts commented:

We believe that adding .TRAVEL to our portfolio will enable us to grow our entire category of domains, by offering compelling choices to travel-related businesses and organisations, and to the many millions of travellers and travel buffs located throughout the world.

Donuts claim that since travel as an industry has customers most active on all digital platforms like social media, podcasts, websites etc. acquiring the gTLD was imperative. They further added that since travel is a global market, .TRAVEL’s addition to the portfolio complements the other gTLDs of Donuts. Emphasizing this, Jaffe added:

We are delighted to add .TRAVEL as the ‘anchor tenant’ of our travel-related portfolio. The travel market is global, it’s enormous and it’s ideal for our top-level domains. We are seeing businesses of all sizes all around the world building their digital identity around our domains, and .TRAVEL is the perfect complement.

Donuts have acquired the registry services for .TRAVEL from Tralliance Registry, with the newly acquired .TRAVEL becoming their 239th TLD.

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