April 3, 2019

Cloud container firm Aqua Security raises USD 62 million Series C round of funding

The investment seeks to focus on growing worldwide partnerships in a bid to secure cloud applications for enterprises.

Cloud container firm Aqua Security have raised a USD 62 million Series C funding from Insight Partners, to help cloud-native enterprises protect their cloud apps. With this investment, Aqua Security aims to focus its efforts on building global partnerships and container security products to accelerate the adoption of cloud and container systems across enterprise segments.

According to Aqua Security, enterprises running their applications on the cloud need to secure their environments in a bid to protect sensitive business information. They say that these cloud containers are responsible for driving everyday workloads that determine the efficiency of the organization.

By raising USD 62 million in Series C round of funding, Aqua Security say that they will be investing their efforts in functional areas for emerging platforms. In this manner, they say, Aqua Security will be focusing on sales, customer success and global partnerships, the three objectives that they have carved out with this investment.

Dror Davidoff, CEO and co-founder of Aqua Security, states that since cloud as technology is dynamic in nature, investing in platform efficacy is a must. He further added that since they see tremendous growth in this market, partnering with the right stakeholders is also necessary for global success.

Industry analysts and experts claim that Aqua Security’s funding will pave the way for enterprises looking at end-to-end solutions to protect their container systems. This investment is reminiscent of StackRox’s cloud and container security deal, where In-Q-Tel made an investment into the firm to eradicate virus attacks.