February 15, 2018

.JP ccTLD grows to 1.5M registrations

The growth is attributed to easy-to-register services and promotional activities done by its custodian, JPRS.

.JP, the ccTLD of Japan has registered a total of 1.5 million domain names claims Japan Registry Services (JPRS), the service provider for the ccTLD. JPRS further revealed that this growth in domain name registrations can be attributed to media-related activities done to promote the ccTLD as well as an easy-to-register process for the domain names.

According to JPRS, any individual business or a group that has a postal address in Japan can register for the .JP domain. They further revealed that these registrations can be done in ASCII as well as in Japanese.

JPRS say that apart from general use .JP domain name registrations, there are organizational .JP domain name registrations that have contributed largely to the total number of registrations till date. They also say that with the easy registration process, more businesses will be encouraged to register for the .JP ccTLD.

JPRS claim that the organizational domain names form approximately 30% of the total domain name registrations, i.e around 47,000 in number. They also claim that this number is set to rise considering the health of Japanese economy and the rise of businesses in Japan.

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