August 1, 2016

Deverus switches to Amazon Web Services

The company stated they switched to AWS to leverage their performance, scalability, reliability and security

CDN provider

Earlier today, SaaS provider deverus announced that it has fully migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), joining other companies such as Kelloggs, Siemens, NASA, JPL, Netflix, Expedia, etc.

Shawn Rucks, CEO, deverus said :

We are excited to bring the most secure, stable, and scalable solutions to our growing partners. The fact that so many Fortune 500 companies are now betting on AWS, proves it is the right choice for deverus’ future.

And since the new move, we have already witnessed a dramatic increase in performance and reliability. The shift to AWS allows us to help our partners compete with the best background check companies in terms of the crucial performance, security, and reliability standards hiring managers care about.

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