December 5, 2017

Datrium to launch Datrium CloudDVX for AWS

Launch seeks to make de-duplication a seamless integration with AWS for VM cloud backup and recovery.

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Hybrid cloud service provider Datrium has announced Datrium Cloud DVX, a cloud-native instance for AWS. The Cloud DVX is said to offer recovery services for VMs running in DVX on-premises. According to Datrium, the Cloud DVX includes global cloud de-duplication which simplifies its approach to VM and vDisk recovery and backup within a converged or hyper-converged infrastructure offering.

Datrium says that Cloud DVX provides a one-click setup with AWS and then provides backup instance storage as a SaaS offering. The service is also said to include automated software upgrades, as well as proactive support related to AWS resources.

In a report explaining the future of cloud and cloud storage, American research firm Gartner said that:

De-duplication is the key to reducing cloud storage costs, but most backup software’s cloud connectors do not support de-duplication, and other choices are limited to a few cloud gateways and emerging integrated backup appliances with native cloud gateway function.

Datrium says that Cloud DXV will provide global de-duplication for AWS S3 across many protection groups at the same time and on multiple premises. They also add that since Cloud DVX supports incremental backups, there is no need for additional backups after initial seeding.

Echoing Gartner’s thoughts, Daryl Dressler, Infrastructure Engineer for Datrium Cloud DVX, Customer Intuition said that:

As a financial services company, we need to retain data for up to 25-30 years for parts of our business and have been reliant upon tape to do so. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we needed to recover from tape held at Iron Mountain.

With the dedupe-aware efficiency of Datrium Cloud Backup for AWS, we can cost-effectively deploy it as a tape replacement and significantly reduce recovery time in these situations.

Sources say that the adoption of public cloud has been a challenge when it comes to offsite back-up and recovery. The advent of Cloud DVX brings in a practical and economic viability for cloud recovery.