December 5, 2017

Siemens ropes in HCL for IoT platform MindSphere

Partnership is geared towards developing Siemens’ IoT offerings in order to strengthen market position.

German tech giants Siemens have joined hands with HCL technologies in a bid to develop and expand the former’s IoT platform MindSphere. With this deal, both Siemens and HCL plan to consolidate their respective positions in the global market by packaging MindSphere’s offerings like technology, connectivity, applications and system integration.

With this deal, HCL say that they will also integrate MindSphere into some of their own products as they have observed growth opportunities in the IoT, Cyber-Security and Cloud analytics space and plan to create smart Eco-systems within these spheres.

Reflecting on the deal, G.H Rao, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies said:

HCL can now take Siemens’ MindSphere solutions to their customers across multiple sectors. This collaboration comes as a proof of our leadership in the segment and lends further credibility to our market positioning in the Industry 4.0 space.

On the other hand, Siemens said that they are well set to develop MindSphere as a standard package across industries. Praising their partners in the deal, Paul Kaeley, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Eco-System at Siemens said:

The HCL offerings seamlessly fit into our industrial products and platform range, making HCL a strategic and natural partner of the digital product and solution organization of Siemens.

Laying emphasis on MindSphere’s selling point, Kaeley added that:

Designed as an open OS for the Internet of Things, MindSPhere lets you seamlessly connect with your machines like never before so you can improve the efficiency of plants by harnessing the huge volumes of data that your assets generate.

It is hinted that this deal is a precursor to many such joint collaborations lined up for the future and will soon be announced at various industrial and IT events.

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