December 17, 2018

CyberInt unveils managed cloud security services

The services aim to provide business with complete visibility of their cloud environments, compliance with global standards and access to security experts.

managed cloud security

Israel-based company CyberInt have launched managed detection and cloud security services to ensure comprehensive protection of cloud environments. With this launch, CyberInt seeks to facilitate complete visibility and control over cloud environments, in addition to global security compliance and access to cyber experts.

According to CyberInt, the current cloud security devices and guidelines are not adequate, leaving organizations’ cloud environment, applications, and information unprotected against cyber risks.  They say that this gap exists due to myriad issues such as compatibility and inconsistencies that exist in the cloud.

By launching managed cloud security services, CyberInt claim that they will provide enterprises with a comprehensive public cloud strategy and security management services. They say that enterprises will be able to resolve complex multi-cloud challenges by gaining visibility into their cloud applications and environments as well as access to cybersecurity experts. 

Speaking about the benefits, CyberInt say that the managed cloud security service will provide enterprises with :

  1. Holistic understanding of security needs across cloud environments that includes infrastructure, data and business logic,
  2. Cyber expertise to monitor, identify and eradicate flaws and anomalies in the environment if any, and
  3. Greater threat detection and response capabilities to eradicate cyber risks if any.

CyberInt claim that their cloud security prowess will provide end-to-end protection across multiple environments where holistic security is of prime essence. They believe that with this launch they will continue to develop higher cloud security standards and practices as well as demonstrate a rich level of cloud expertise. 

Amir Ofek, CEO, CyberInt claims that cloud service providers meet only certain SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure security of the cloud. However, with these new managed services, Ofek believes that the existing gaps in cloud security will be addressed.

It will be interesting to see how enterprises react to these services that seek to close gaps that exist when it comes to cloud security, following Alcide’s USD 7 million series A funding to strengthen cyber security.