December 17, 2018

Actifio partners with Onix to expand the reach of cloud-based solutions

The alliance seeks to allow businesses to investment in data migration, data access and business continuity for mission-critical applications.

cloud-based solutions

Actifio have teamed up with cloud provider Onix to expand the latter’s solutions across global markets. With this partnership, Actifio aims to allow businesses to invest in data migration, data access and business continuity for mission-critical applications.

According to Actifio, enterprises deploying cloud frameworks need data backup and security infrastructure that allows them to protect business information. They say that the demand for such infrastructure is on the rise globally since enterprises have to deal with risks like cyber attacks, virus attacks and natural disasters.

By partnering with Actifio, Onix claim that they will be able to leverage the former’s global reach to expand into various markets to provide their wide range of data recuperation solutions. They believe that this alliance will elevate an organization’s productivity, efficiency and performance on the whole.

John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services at Onix believes that their plan is to equip customers with cloud-based data solutions that can manage an entire business cycle. He further added that their portfolio, at present, has offerings that can take care of data related problems at every stage and hence global expansion became a company-wide mission.

Onix say that their shared vision for cloud-based data-management solutions made Actifio the ideal choice as a partner. They claim that since cloud is a centre stage for everything right from application building to orchestration, securing data in these environments was key to entice enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Ashok Ramu, Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Solutions at Actifio says that as an organization they are very excited to join hands with Onix, who are always pushing the envelope when it comes to data management and security. He claims that the team at Onix will provide Actifio’s customers with a data-as-a-service platform to handle business continuity, migration and security prowess.

It will be interesting to see how enterprises make the most of this alliance, following the partnership between Softcat and CloudHealth to draw insights from cloud environments.