March 6, 2019

Comcast acquires AI and ML-based cybersecurity firm BluVector

The acquisition aims to extend BluVector’s cybersecurity product line and cyber protection technologies to expand globally.

Telecom provider Comcast have acquired AI and ML-based cybersecurity firm BluVector in a bid to expand their cybersecurity product line. With this acquisition, Comcast say that they will be able to detect, analyze and contain cyber threats by leveraging BluVector’s AI and ML capabilities.

According to Comcast, telecom enterprises face threats when it comes to cybersecurity in the form of VoIP hacking, PBX hacking, subscription fraud etc. They say that these threats linger at network endpoints as well as the cloud for a long time even after enterprises try to mitigate them.

By acquiring BluVector, Comcast say that they will be able to provide network and environment-level protection to telecom enterprises leveraging the cloud. By making the most of BluVector’s AI and ML capabilities, Comcast say that they will build an extended line of cyber security products that can detect anomalies and eradicate them before they reach the surface.

Don Mathis, General Manager of growth at Comcast stated that they are delighted with the acquisition deal and are excited to collaborate with the team at BluVector. He also claims that the acquisition will help them recognise threats and convert them into opportunities to provide more cyber products for enterprises.

Industry experts opine that the acquisition will allow Comcast to integrate their Xfinity xFi advanced security to protect devices from hackers and malware. It will be interesting to witness how the telco makes the most of this acquisition, following their partnership with AWS for cloud offerings.