March 7, 2019

Verizon boosts endpoint detection prowess with ProtectWise acquisition

The acquisition aims to allow enterprises to quickly detect and respond to cyber threats at the network level.

Telecom provider Verizon have acquired cybersecurity firm ProtectWise to fortify their endpoint security capabilities. With this acquisition Verizon say that they will allow enterprises to rapidly detect and respond to critical cyber threats at the network level.

According to Verizon, enterprises leveraging cloud networks spread across regions need to secure their networks at every endpoint. They say that these networks need detection and threat response capabilities to counter malware, virus attacks and zero-day attacks.

With ProtectWise, Verizon believe that their endpoints can be secured since the former specialises in detecting threats and responding to them in no time. Hence, to bring these capabilities across their networks, Verizon have acquired the cybersecurity provider.

By acquiring ProtectWise, Verizon say that that they could leverage the former’s platform that deploys lightweight sensors in any segment (including cloud) of the enterprise’s network. They further added that this platform allows users to gain visibility and record everything that concerns with analysis and threat discovery.

Alex Schlager, Executive Director of Security Services at Verizon, states that having visibility into network environments is a huge advantage to enterprises leveraging the cloud. He claims that this benefit allows enterprises to monitor discrepancies and take commensurate measures immediately.

In closing, Verizon did not state the financial details of the acquisition deal. However, with this move, one cannot help but think about Verizon’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud for ‘Secure Cloud Interconnect’.