June 23, 2016

Cloudsoft Application Management Platform to be available on the IBM cloud

Move will help clients build global hybrid cloud environments by setting up Application Management Software on OpenStack-powered private clouds.

IBM’s Cloudsoft, a provider of hybrid cloud application management software is all set to run its flagship product, Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP), on the IBM Cloud. Cloudsoft claims that this addition helps them expand their global footprint while maintaining privacy and control over its clients’ data.

As part of the agreement, their customers can now set up and manage applications on IBM Blue Box OpenStack-powered private clouds in their Cloud Data Centers in the America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, thereby meeting regulatory needs. Cloudsoft’s policies give clients more choice and control over where their data is processed. Therefore customers in strictly-regulated industries can keep their data within their country.

The company claims this initiative provides its customers with faster software downloads and better application performance through a private, high-speed network. In addition, it also provides them with dedicated cloud infrastructure that enables the running of business-critical applications and services worldwide.

Cloudsoft says that AMP helps simplify the deployment and management of distributed applications by targeting multiple IBM Cloud Data Center locations running Blue Box clouds. It also enables blockchain networks, multi-site database replication and globally load balanced offerings with shared backend services.

For more on Cloudsoft, please click here.

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