September 14, 2018

Cloud giant Alibaba partners with SDL to develop brands across Asia

The alliance aims to launch a co-developed solution designed to help global brands grow their digital business across the Chinese and Asian markets.

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Cloud giant Alibaba has partnered with language translation and content management company SDL to develop brands across Asia. As per the terms of the strategic alliance, both companies will be launching a co-developed solution designed to help enterprises grow their digital business across the Chinese and Asian markets.

According to Alibaba, Asia – and China in particular – represents the globe’s largest retail economy. However, this market poses lingual and other complex challenges to new entrants within as well as outside Aisa, which hinders their potential to reach a large number of customers.

By partnering with SDL, Alibaba believe that they will be able to overcome this obstacle and allow enterprises in China to fulfil their global ambitions. They also claim that this alliance will help enterprises in China and Asia to transform themselves into global brands by leveraging Alibaba’s cloud prowess.

Speaking about the strategic alliance, Thomas Labarthe, Chief Revenue Officer at SDL, commented:

As a burgeoning economy, many companies are now looking to break into Asia and China to deliver growth. They’re exciting, fast-moving markets, but they also hold their own language and compliance challenges.

This partnership solves these problems for companies, making it almost effortless to build a local presence and engage with customers across different languages and devices.

Alibaba added that this alliance has its terms embedded in facilitating cross-border business. They say that Alibaba will be promoting international trade for its SDL integrated products, which will ensure that the content is created, managed, translated and delivered to customers for a continuous digital experience.

Yeming Wang, EMEA General Manager at Alibaba Cloud, commented:

In the age of Digital Transformation, a reliable, secure and fast web presence is one of the most important assets to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Our partnership with SDL enables companies to deliver effective and engaging communications to their customers in China and internationally, through a managed cloud-based solution.

Analysts claim that Alibaba cloud are surely making the right moves in the cloud-IoT market. It will be interesting to see how the cloud giant makes the most out of this deal, especially after partnering with myDevices for a turnkey IoT solution.