September 12, 2018

Alibaba Cloud partners with myDevices for turnkey IoT solution

The alliance aims to provide data recording, email and text notifications to SMBs deploying IoT across various industries.

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Alibaba Cloud have partnered with myDevices in a bid to provide turnkey IoT (Internet of Things) solution called IoT in a Box to the small-medium business segment. As per the terms of the deal, Alibaba Cloud aims to provide services like remote monitoring, sensor recorded data and email & SMS notifications to deployers of IoT across various industries.

According to Alibaba Cloud, SMBs using cloud services in China have adopted IoT to provide monitoring services for work-related applications. They say that these enterprises depend on LoRaWANs (Low-Range-Wide Area Networks) to protect important assets that are deployed on the cloud.

By partnering with myDevices, Alibaba Cloud say that they will be able to provide IoT services to enterprises across all verticals and industries by leveraging the former’s ethernet network, device management and LinkWAN network servers. They claim that enterprises will be able to access monitoring and sensor recorded data along with email and SMS notifications for their applications.

Speaking about the alliance, Wang Yunci, Marketing Director of the IoT Business Unit at Alibaba Cloud, commented:

Integrating myDevices’ IoT Solutions with Alibaba Cloud and the LinkWAN network exponentially accelerates the adoption of the Internet of Things for businesses of all sizes across China through our vast distribution ecosystem.

By offering custom and expandable, commercially-ready solutions, this initiative will enable our direct and partner sales channels to thrive as well.

Alibaba Cloud claim that they will be promoting this solution through their registered reseller partner channel and also train them to cross-sell the solution. They further added that with myDevices, Alibaba cloud will offer sample use-cases, how-to videos, ROI calculators, prospecting checklists etc. to support this reseller distribution network.

Industry analysts opine that this alliance will boost the IoT industry in China, especially with Alibaba taking the initiative. In closing, they also claim that this move will expand Alibaba’s global IoT footprint, especially after they struck a deal with Siemens in July this year.