February 14, 2018

Citrix acquires Cedexis to boost its hybrid cloud offering

The acquisition seeks to fortify Citrix’s cloud portfolio and differentiate their SDP (secure digital perimeter) approach to network security.

Software company Citrix systems has acquired cloud computing company Cedexis in a bid to strengthen hybrid cloud offerings. With this acquisition, Citrix will be able to bolster the performance of applications in the hybrid as well as multi-cloud environments.

According to Citrix, the acquisition of Cedexis not only allows them to offer hybrid cloud offerings but also differentiate with their SDP (secure digital perimeter) approach to network security. They further added that with a unique approach to security and network architecture, Citrix will be able to provide real-time intelligence to manage online traffic, allowing end users to act on data security insights.

Speaking about this advantage, Steve Shah, VP of Product Management at Citrix, commented:

IT teams will be able to respond and act quicker when troubleshooting network issues, managing load across clouds, and handling capacity changes to scale with business needs. Moreover, IT can reduce network and cloud costs while providing the best end-user experience. It’s like combining GPS and a self-driving car to ensure traffic takes the most efficient and effective route; it is a game changer.

Cedexis say that with reduced time-to-deploy applications in hybrid cloud environments, customers can increase their productivity with a secured digital perimeter approach. Explaining the same in detail, Ryan Windham, CEO of Cedexis, said:

Citrix is the clear leader in software-defined networking that helps IT adopt and manage complex cloud environments. It makes sense to combine our offerings into a comprehensive secure digital perimeter approach, which unifies and delivers the apps, data and services people need to be productive.

Neither parties disclosed terms of the deal. However, market analysts say that the deal must have closed at a hefty price considering the USD 36.7 million funding raised by Cedexis since 2009.

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