February 13, 2018

Oracle to launch 12 data centers worldwide

The expansion aims to strengthen cloud offerings by adding facilities to data center regions in Asia, Europe, U.S and the Middle East.

Tech giant Oracle has announced that they plan to add a total of 12 data centers to their regions worldwide in a bid to fortify cloud services. With this expansion, Oracle will cater to those business segments who are migrating from on-premise data centers to the cloud.

Oracle say that they have noticed a rising trend in businesses adopting cloud environments and their reliability on the cloud has increased due to technological advancements. In addition to this, Oracle say that in response to this positive trend, expanding data centers supporting cloud services is imperative.

Oracle reveal that they have witnessed high demand from Asian countries, especially India, where large enterprises are benefitting from their cloud services. They further added that expanding their data centers in the region of Japan, Singapore and South Korea is also on the horizon since these markets have seen a spurt in cloud adoption.

According to Oracle, their two regions in the U.S and Canada will be beefed up with data centers since the demand for cloud services is on the rise, thanks to their defense clients. They also claim that with the Dallas Fort Worth center undergoing expansion, Oracle will grab a larger pie of the market share in the North American region.

With respect to their Middle East plans, Oracle admit that though they are not at par with the advancements made by Amazon and Google in the region, Oracle have targetted Saudi Arabia as their location to expand data centers. They further claim that they chose Saudi Arabia since there is no major competitor present offering what Oracle offers.

In closing, Oracle say that the European plans are underway with cloud regions being added at Amsterdam and Switzerland. They also claim that the platform for these two centers will be hosted at Frankfurt, with another center added to London later on.

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