February 14, 2018

ExaGrid partners with Comtrade for data center backup solutions

The alliance seeks to provide end-to-end solutions to data centers by combining Comtrade’s auto-detect tool with ExaGrid’s scalable disk back-up appliance.

Security firm

Hyper-converged storage company ExaGrid has partnered with Comtrade Software in a bid to provide backup storage solutions for data centers. With this partnership, ExaGrid’s scalable disk-based backup solution will be combined with Comtrade’s HYCU, an auto-detection application running in virtual machines, to provide a unique end-to-end data protection backup solution.

Comtrade say that HYCU detects applications running in virtual machines automatically and makes them transparent to the IT team. They further added that this transparency allows IT teams in the organization to ensure no mission-critical applications are left vulnerable. They also claim that since cloud security has been a big challenge for enterprises, coming up with a solution that could combine scale as well as security for data centers was imperative.

According to ExaGrid, their scalable disk-based backup solution combined with Comtrade’s secure backup offering will allow users to extend backup space up to 2PB of storage. They further claim that with the combined offering, customers will be able to mix old applications with new ones and protect their own IT needs at the same time.

The rollout of this merged offering seeks to allow IT administrators to recover workloads rather quickly.