March 4, 2019

Capgemini partners with IDEMIA to launch a secure IoT device management platform

The platform aims to reinforce secure connectivity across a vast array of data and devices in the cloud and IoT.

Capgemini have entered into an alliance with augmented identity facilitator IDEMIA to launch a secure IoT device management platform. With this platform, both entities aim to secure device connectivity in a bid to protect all sorts of data on the platform.

According to Capgemini, IoT is creating many opportunities for enterprises when it comes to data security. They believe that its scalability and flexibility allows enterprises to store data in the cloud, that too at the endpoints.

However, Capgemini says, the protection of this data depends on the connectivity of the platform it is stored in or integrated with. They say that this business sensitive information needs to be encrypted in order to protect it from network level discrepancies that can occur in times of virus attacks.

By partnering with IDEMIA, Capgemini say that they will be securing the data by leveraging the former’s M-TRUST solution that manages all types of gateway and protocol to the cloud. They further added that this partnership will allow enterprises to not only protect information but also make smart decisions with respect to device encryption.

Market watchers say that the platform, most likely, will be a boon for the cloud and AI-based enterprises that leverage the power of IoT. Similar to this alliance, one cannot help but think about the partnership between Siemens and HCL who came together to build MindSphere, an IoT platform for security.