January 16, 2019

AWS acquires cloud cost optimization firm TSO Logic

The acquisition aims to simplify selection of cloud environments for enterprises based on cost and organization’s size.

Weeks after acquiring Israeli tech firm CloudEndure, tech giant AWS have snagged TSO Logic, a cloud cost optimization company. With this acquisition, AWS seek to diversify their offerings by adding cost optimization prowess to their cloud product suite.

According to AWS, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are looking to leverage the power of the cloud when it comes to managing workloads. However, AWS revealed that some of these organizations bite off more than they can chew when it comes to managing resources, which results in high expenditure on cloud infrastructure.

By acquiring TSO Logic, AWS believe that they will help organizations opting for the cloud to choose between private and public environments based on the organization’s size and total cost of ownership. They claim that enterprises will be able to make informed decisions with the help of analytics, IT operations and data by comparing the costs of the environments.

TSO say that they will be able to provide an open platform and integrated application delivery via any data center. By ingesting multiple data points from the customer’s environment, TSO say that they will be running on AWS’ historically utilized instances.

Industry experts claim that the acquisition will further boost AWS’ position in the cloud race. It will be interesting to see how TSO and AWS take this ahead after the acquisition of Mellanox by Microsoft.

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